Pocket PC, Palm Computing and Windows CE users: now you can catch up with the Weekly Bible Quiz - while you're on the move.

Using AvantGo's free software you can download Weekly Bible Quiz - when you synchronise your handheld computer.

The Weekly Bible Quiz will have a set of ten questions.

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1. Go to to download the software. (If you already have AvantGo software installed, go to step 2 below.) The process should take only a few minutes. AvantGo provides software for your handheld computer, and a small Windows utility to manage the channels you subscribe to, which is installed on your computer during the sign-up process.

2. Subscribe to The Bible Quiz - Mobile Edition channel to get content designed for your palmtop.

Using The Bible Quiz Mobile Edition

Every week there will be a Bible Quiz available. We recommend that you synchronise your device at least once a week.

If you are not sure whether you can access The Bible Quiz - Mobile Edition, click here for the system-requirements page.

Require any further assistance? You can view the AvantGo help section here.

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